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முக்கிய செய்தி: ஏராளமானவர்களை கொலை செய்த மாவோயிஸ்டு தலைவன் எஸ்கேப்

அமர் என்ற பெயருள்ள மாவோயிஸ்டு கொலைவெறி பிடித்த மிருகம் ஏராளமான பொதுமக்களையும் அப்பாவிகளையும் கொன்றிருக்கிறது.

இந்த குரா தேவேந்தர் என்ற பயங்கரவாதியை பெயிலில் விடுதலை செய்துள்ளது ஆந்திராவில் ஆளும் காங்கிரஸ் அரசாங்கம்.

கம்யூனிஸ பாஸிஸ்டுகளின் வேலை இதற்குள் இருக்கலாம்.

Senior Maoist leader released on bail

2009-07-30 17:31:00

A top left-wing extremist leader Kura Devender alias Amar was Thursday released from a jail here after the Andhra Pradesh High Court granted him bail.

The 44-year-old leader of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Janashakti walked out of Cherlapally Central Jail as dozens of his supporters received him amidst singing of revolutionary songs.

Amar, who had participated in the first ever direct talks between Maoists and the state government in 2004, was arrested by Andhra Pradesh police from Pune in April last year. He is a central committee member and state committee secretary of Janashakti, formed in 1992 with the merger of seven Communist groups.

The group, mainly active in parts of Telangana, lost several key leaders and cadres during the last four years.

Amar told reporters outside the jail that his future course of action would be decided by the party and that he would remain active in the 'people's movement'. He claimed that the movement was yielding good results as proved by the land reforms legislation passed by parliament.

'The fight for poor will continue and nothing can stop this,' he said.

Amar, who hails from Karimnagar district, called upon all pro-Telangana forces to join hands to fight for separate statehood for the backward Telangana region.

Amar went underground in 1983 and between 1985 and 1993, worked as Janashakti zonal committee secretary of Karimnagar and Medak districts. He worked as Karimnagar district secretary 1994-96 and Telangana secretary 1997-2001.

Police claimed that Amar is involved in 13 murders in Karimnagar district and several other cases in various parts of the state. He was arrested when he was planning to revive the outfit and carry on recruitments.

Amar's elder brother Kura Rajanna, who worked as Janashakti central committee secretary, was arrested in Uttar Pradesh in 2006.

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Anonym said...

வினவு கும்பல் இதே போல ஒரு செய்தி போட்டிருக்கிறார். காஞ்சி சங்கராச்சாரி எஸ்கேப் என்று.
உங்கள் பதிவை முதலில் படிப்பது வினவு கும்பல்தான் போல.