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Terror Tactics of Hindu Munnani activists

Recently few Hindu munnani activists are arrested for planting bomb in the RSS office.

Everyone should unequivocaly condemn this reprehensible act.

The perpetrators have to be penalized for more crimes than what could be punishable in the law.

1) Sharpening the contradictions among the communities

2) Radicalizing the Hindu youth.

3) Making the hindus feel that they do not have a voice in the judicial process of India.

4) Making the Hindu youth to raise against the democratic goverment.

All these are crimes that make our Democratic and judicial process fail in front of the eyes of the public.

These have to be severly punished to the maximum extent of the law.

I request everyone to condemn these people in the strongest terms.



Still now no concrete proofs are submitted against Hindu Munnani. So let's wait & see abt the proceedings.

But, the third point what u have specified is wrong. Hindu sentiments are not respected by the current politicians & administrative officers. Leave those Hindu sentiments, even life of the Hindus are not been respected here. You can search for the articles on the murder of Kumar Pandiyan Brothers in the same Thenkasi.

Thenkasi is been a ground for anti-India & anti-Hindu elements for a quite long time. Thanks to its geographical location, these anti-India elements have a very strong connection with other anti-India elements of Kerela, like Madani.

Also, Will Thamizmani write an article against Mr.Karunanidhi who supported this bloody terrorist?


Whatever your grivances are,.. take them to the public and take them to the people and fight democratically.

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.


Still I have problem with ekalapai.

Hopefully resolve that next week.


நக்ஸலைட்டுகளை ஒடுக்குவதற்கு அரசுக்கு துணை நிற்காத பாரதிய ஜனதா கட்சியை கண்டிக்கிறேன்...

BJP not supporting fight against Maoists: Shivraj Patil


Published on Sun, Feb 17, 2008 at 10:51, Updated at Sun, Feb 17, 2008 in Nation section

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NEW STRATEGY: Center is looking for quick and effective ways to counter Maoists threat.

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New Delhi: The Center is looking for quick and effective ways to counter the threat posed by the Maoists and the Union Minister for Home Affairs Shivraj Patil says they want to make constitutional changes to give to have special powers to handle the Maoist violence. But he adds that the Opposition is not keen on the move.

"If I have to amend the Constitution, and I have to send my forces, I shall have to get it passed by two-thirds majority, and half of State legislatures, only then it happens," Patil says.

Karan Thapar: Absolutely. But you would have that majority, the BJP would support you, the state governments would support you.

Shivraj Patil: No, I don't think BJP will support it. You ask the BJP government yourself - they have said no. This matter was discussed on the floor of the house, and the former home minister expressed his views, others expressed their views. I said that in certain circumstances when it becomes absolutely necessary it will be helpful for the Government of India to take action in certain areas rather than taking action in the entirety. But because of the constitutional provision, it can't be done. And I did say that this would be useful. But we are not going to do it unless and until the consensus develops.

Watch the full interview with Home Minister Shivraj Patil at 2030 hrs IST on Sunday (February 17) on Devil's Advocate only on CNN-IBN.

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